Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Red Edge of a Blue State

So I live in a red county in California, this must be how it feels to be on the base in Guantanamo smack on the edge of Cuba. So when I go down to Havana I mean Los Angeles and see the left in all its glory, there is almost a sick feeling that comes with it. Maybe it's the air, as I come over the mountains and down towards LA I can see the air as it gets thicker and browner. So if LA is a bastion of environmental leftist why is the air so dirty? The dirt seems to follow the left. Take New Orleans for example, or New York City. For a party who claims to care so much about the planet the filth is amazing. Sure I see a good amount of hybrid cars but I still see tons of SUV's, big one with big stupid wheels. The public transportation is downright scary, if you risk getting on a bus or train you are subject to the foulest smells and the most frightening people. Maybe it's the bum sleeping next to you or the punk kid eyeballing your bag, but hey your helping save the planet right?

So I hear you saying "that's just the bad stuff but other places are nicer". That's what you think... Lets take a trip to a bar or nightclub. First you pay an insane amount of money at the door so you can partake in "live music" spun by a DJ. Once you are inside there are a lot of angry people scowling at you. The bartender will let you stand for 15 minutes while he helps all the people at the other side of the bar than overcharges you for watered down booze. SO you take your drink and snake your way to a corner and sip your drink but don't make eye contact with any one because the guys will threaten you and the women give you a dirty look and turn away. Oh and I hope you like hip-hop because that's all they play. But lets go to a restaurant; you walk in and give your name and than wait for 10-20 minutes while you watch empty tables sit empty. Than once you are seated more often than not you sit another 15-20 minutes before some comes to offer you a drink which takes another 10 mins to get to you. Than you sit with your menus piled on the edge of the table for another 15-20 minutes. When the waiter finally comes back he gives you attitude for nothing takes your order and stomps away. Elapse a good 30-40 mins and you get your food, usually cold or not the way you ordered it, but you keep it cause you've been sitting hungry for a good hour and a half and don't want to wait any longer. Now as you are taking your first bites the waiter comes with the check and sets it on the table than disappears never to be seen again.

Now as I head back up the hill back into the desert, I catch a breath of clean air, wave to my neighbor and thank God I live in the Red Edge.

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  1. That's why you should only go to restaurants you like and support the hell out of them

    Cafe Montclair, in Montclair on Central Ave south of the 10 fwy is a great one.