Sunday, October 5, 2008


In my time I have never seen such fanatical devotion to a presidential candidate. Maybe I just don't like John McCain as much as they like Obama. But I think even if McCain was my ideal candidate I would not go to this kind of extreme. People are so enamored by this mild socialist, people who I know, devoted Christians, who have changed their view on abortion just so they can back Obama. Suddenly, it's "merciful" to "send the baby straight to God (that's what they told me, direct quote) rather than punish it in this horrible world". The whole thing is creepy and odd.

First there's this:

"Here in NYC I just saw a new bumpersticker:

One Nation
One People

Kinda creeped me out; I wondered why it seemed so familiar…

Poster from 1930’s — from you know where…


Ein Volk
Ein Reich
Ein Fuhrer

I told you all that Axelrod was taking pages from Goebbles playbook…"

And there's the Obama Youth;

Like i said CREEPY!

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  1. People are HOPEFUL that Obama is not as empty as his suit would lead us to believe.

    But, WHAT do we know about Obama that isn't a fabrication?

    His grandmother worked in the factory (before she was a BANK PRESIDENT for 26 years)

    His father was a GOAT HERDER (as a little boy, BEFORE he went to HARVARD on scholarship)

    No Military Experience
    Tax raiser
    Terrorist hanger arounder