Sunday, February 13, 2011

People With Guns Save People

Notice I didn't say guns save people, because a gun is an inert object that can do nothing by itself. But put them in the hands of people and they can save lives.

Case in point.

For many years handguns were banned in Washington DC, and during those years DC had soaring high murder rates. For some reason even though they were illegal the criminals and murderers didn't stop using them. Maybe the district should have done more advertising, you know a signs on the sides of buses; "Just so everyone knows handguns are illegal". Something tells me that wouldn't have helped. When you make something illegal all you do is take it out of the hand of law abiding citizens, criminals don't give a damn.

The ban was lifted in 2008 and the evil guns flooded into Washington DC, and by the end of 2009 the murder rate in DC was down 25%, the lowest it's been in forty five years! The media would have you believe that tougher law enforcement in conjunction with neighborhood watch programs and stricter penalties are the reason for the drastic fall in the murder rate. But if that's all it took, why didn't DC do it sooner? The proof in in the shootings, or lack there of. An armed society is a safe society. When I was in Jerusalem there were guns everywhere, on the soldiers, police and a good chunk of the public. Guess how many dead bodies were in the street? Not one, you can walk down the street on a dark night and not worry. Even the "Wild West" wasn't so wild, despite what you see in the movies gunfights were a rare occurrence. People have to get the negative stigma of guns out of their heads.

Go to a firing range, take a course, get educated, join the NRA. For your safety and mine go out and buy a gun.

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  1. What about places that have banned handguns yet maintain a low rate of crime, like Canada, and perhaps (not 100% certain) other socialist minded states that provide social programming so criminals can get off the street altogether. To me, in the situation regarding DC, repealing the ban was only a band aid solution, and may not be the sole reason why the crime rate dropped.