Sunday, July 31, 2005

What Changed?

For more than twenty years we have been sending shuttles into space, what happened. Why all of a sudden can we not get off the ground without life threatening damage to the shuttle. More than that why isn't anyone else asking this question? What changed between the discovery launch in 2001 and the Columbia launch in 03. I have heard they are using a more eco friendly foam, but that doesn't answer why haven't they gone back to the old stuff. There seems to be a conspiracy of idiots inside NASA ruining our hopes for space exploration. It pisses me off to think that there is a good chance 7 people died for some eco foam and now they are to embarrassed to fix it. Space hold so many answers, things that could save lives, it is stupid to think that some thing we have done dozens of times cannot be duplicated and therefore we now have indefinately grounded our space travel. I believe the Government should be responsible for what happens with space and space travel but the more I see happen the more I think that NASA has no energy left. No one at NASA seems to have the adventurous spirit to go where no man has gone before (no pun intended). Our future is out there floating in the heavens, if we give up now we might not have much future to look forward to.

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap - AC/DC

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