Monday, September 29, 2008

TV Sucks

In my house a nice chunk of change is spent on cable TV, along with the locals that I have to pay for because I live in the middle of no-where. Now that the fall season is in full swing I feel safe in saying TV SUCKS. With the exception of the Simpsons not one show has really made me feel like it's worth the good size chunk of cash that goes into it. Here's what I tried watching so far;

The Mentalist- Yawn
House- Losing it's edge
King of the Hill- Writing has gone way downhill
Dexter- Slow start
Entourage- Losing me fast
Criminal Minds- Boring
CSI: NY- ZZZzzzz...
Chuck- Barely holding on
Bones- Off my TIVO
Terminator: SCC- One step from delete button
Supernatural- I watch to kill time
Family Guy- Crap
Big Bang Theory- Just funny enough to keep watching
How I met your Mother- Lucky it's on after Big Bang Theory
Knight Rider- WTH? F-150 mode?
Eureka- Just Ok
Sanctuary- Blows
Californication- Insulting to all
True Blood- Horrible
Penn & Teller BS- 50/50

I have a few more shows to try out many of these you can watch on HULU (click the title). I will update this post when I get through the rest.

I added a few more and I will keep adding as I see them.

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