Wednesday, February 25, 2009


If you go back to the first posts on this blog, you see that it didn't start as a political blog. It was watching a cartoon geared towards young children slam a sitting president. Now after again trying to avoid getting political on my blog it is a cartoon that brings it back. The messiah was featured in a 2 minute animated segment on nickelodeon talking about what a cool guy he is and what he has on his ipod. Now as a whole I have no issue with teaching children about the President, but it was the same station all those years ago who made blatant negative cartoons about President Bush. Why must liberals indoctrinate children like this? Fair and balanced would be OK, but none at all would be best. I remember when cartoons were a rabbit eating a carrot or an old navy guy eating his spinach. Or when a kind old man named Fred taught children all sorts of useful things without ever even mentioning he was a pastor who gave sermons every Sunday. Mark my words this Obsession with Obama will turn out bad in the long run. They are putting too much faith in man. Only one man has ever had the strength to support the weight of mankind and I am sorry Chris Matthews it's not President Obama. No Keith Obermann the President can't lift his arms and raise our Nation. I still have hope that President Obama will change things for the better it gets thinner and thinner every day. More and more I am hoping there will be a USA left when he is through.

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