Wednesday, December 1, 2010

2 Things That Are Bugging Me

I'll try to keep this short but no promises. I'm not even sure I will keep it to two things. There is so much in the news today that just really bugs me. Surprisingly enough it's not wikileaks, or the FCC trying to pass net neutrality with out congress or even Obamacare failing before it even starts. GM and taxcuts are the big two bugging me right this moment.

Let's start with the tax thing. Back during the Bush Administration the taxes were lowered and democrats add the deadline as a stipulation for letting the cuts happen in the first place. Jump to today, most of the MSM are touting the "Why do the rich need a tax cut" line. Let's be very clear about this, there are no tax cuts! We are looking at the largest tax increase in American history. Though I have recent;y seen some liberal attacks talking about how the Republicans want to raise your taxes, which is laughable at best. Raising taxes right now would be the worst move for the economy, especially for the "evil rich". While labeling George Soros as evil might fit, most of the so called "rich" are small business owners who currently employ around sixty five percent of the county. Raising their taxes would stall any chance of recovery to the job market and the economy would be doomed to stay in the hole for God knows how long. Though the talking heads in the MSM would want you to believe that at least the unemployment would spur the economy Rush does a good job at squashing that stupidity. Call the House (202)225-3121 and the Senate (202)224-3121 and let your representatives know tax increases are wrong at any level.

The GM fiasco is the other thing really just killing me. I touched on this in a previous post but it deserves a seconfd look, especially since GM is spending money (our money btw) on commercials thanking us for bailing them out.

This is a moment I am glad I have a middle finger. Let me run this out, our money was taken from us without our permission and given to GM in the form of a bailout. GM promptly went bankrupt and we  (again without consent) purchased the lion's share of GM's stock, the remainder was given to the UAW as a payoff. Now GM's stock goes on sale and the UAW stands to make a killing. The American tax payer on the other hand is looking at at least a ten billion dollar loss. Not to mention we are selling stock we already own to ourselves. Think about it; We (tax payers) purchased GM, now GM stock is on sale to the public (Us). So we are paying for something we already own. Worse than that the money isn't even going back in our pockets. It's going to the Federal Govt who got us into this mess in the first place. Show me the FORD, we should make a commercial thanking Ford for not taking a bailout. 

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