Monday, November 29, 2010

I'm Back

Sorry about that little stretch of quiet, I recently started a new job and have been swamped. The holidays are a busy time at K-Mart, yep I'm working at K-Mart. I can't get into details on K-Mart, there is actually a no social networking clause in my job description. Big K aside, I have been following the news and wanted to comment briefly on some of the big and not so big stories.

First off Korea; North Korea attacked a small island belonging to S. Korea disrupting some war games. The MSM is hyping this into another war. Officially the Korean War was never ended so it would be a re-escalation, but beyond that, this is nothing new. The last power shift in NK between Kim Il-Sung and current despot Kim Jong-Il there was the same show of power type deal. Now Kim Jong-Il is passing the dictatorial torch to his son Kim Jong-Un so it is no surprise NK is acting up. They probably want what they aways want when they do something stupid, more food and money from the US. Which we always give.

The Wikileaks classified document dump is another thing in the news big right now. Again we are not learning anything we didn't already know. Iran was funneling weapons to Hezbollah during the recent spat with Israel, duh! Does something need to be done about this? Yes, of course but is it being blow out of proportion probably to cover another story? I think so.

That story would be the "lame duck" congress going back to their failed agenda. Yes Nancy Pelosi is still in charge and right now as I type House Bill S510 (food safety) is being debated and goes for vote tomorrow. This is another power grab by the federal govt. via the FDA. I feel like American food is pretty safe and letting the FDA run wild with regulations and taxes is just going to hurt us where it counts most, our wallets. But there's more, a week after massive protest in California over the rising cost of universities, the "dream act"  is getting the big push from democrats and RINO republicans. This will allow deportable illegal aliens to attend college at a highly subsidized rate, the cost of this of course falls on us the US taxpayer. The list could go on, but I promised brevity.

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