Thursday, September 8, 2011

Debate On Debates

So after watching the msnbc GOP debate last night I have a few questions. First I have to point out that Herman Cain is still being largely ignored at all of the debates. Before it was not just Cain getting ignored, Gary Johnson was ignored to the point of disappearing from this debate altogether. Ron Paul was also sidelined at previous debates but last night was given lots of face time. Cain was asked four questions in 2 hours and pushed himself into a couple rebuttal answers. Mostly I blame the media, they have made their choice and it is going to be a two man race from here on out, unless Romney of Perry burn out for some reason. I still say we need to leave the politicians behind and put someone in the White House who knows business and is not a beltway insider.

Now for some questions;

  • Why do journalist run these debates? 
  • Why not people who know what they are talking about rather than bobble-heads who just read what's in front of them? 
  • Why let the media dictate topics and set up the candidates to argue with each other? 
  • What will it take to get substantive questions and not lightning round nothingness? 

While the others argue the same "social security is broken" points, Herman Cain lays out a plan for how to fix it. That's what I want form all the candidates, more detailed plans on how they are going to undo the mess Obama has put us in and how they plan to put us back on track.

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