Monday, September 5, 2011

Just Saying

  • You'd think a guy named Jimmy Hoffa wouldn't talk so much about taking people out.
  • So it's come out that the Libyan rebel leader has ties with AlQeada, SURPRISE... Wait we knew that.
  • Another "Green Company", Solyndria, who received millions in stimulus and heavy praise from 0babma has gone belly up. The 0bama curse is the only sucessful thing 0bama's name is attached to.
  • Did you notice the zeros in mt 0bama spelling? I though it fitting since there were ZERO jobs created in the month of August.
  • All the babble on and between Perry, Romney and Bachmann reminds me of one thing Herman Cain.
  • Over the holiday 43 people were shot in New York city. Good thing guns are banned there or it would be like the wild west or something.
  • Obama promised to cut the deficit in half before his first term ended. Something tells me they won't release his school records because he was horrible at math.
  • I like Sarah Palin, but I'm also one of the many that don't want her to run for president. The RNC chair seems a better fit for her. 

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