Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Then Came Cain

Editorial note: I know it's been a while since my last post. I have been having technical difficulties and it took too long to get them settled. Thank You for your patience.

Last week the MSM had declared the GOP presidential race a two man race. I never thought so, Herman Cain has always been a front runner to me, and now others are starting to see that politicians are all the same and Cain is no politician. 

In his new autobiography "This Is Herman Cain" (out Oct 4), he talks about ending the cavalcade of stars going through the White House, that alone will save the taxpayers big bucks. He also talks about his fight (and victory) with cancer and how he plans to deal with his lack of foreign policy experience. 

And while the MSM is brushing it off as a nothing story, Cain scored 34% to 39% against Obama in a Rasmussen poll. This is the first time Obama polled below 40%. This bounce could be a fluke, but Cain's 9-9-9 plan seems to be resonating with Americans and like me many are tired of the same old politics as usual. 

Mitt Romney is also still polling high and considered the front runner, but Mitt is the John McCain of 2012. Barely conservative and a you know if the media likes him, that means he's bad news for us. Ultimately I don't know if Herman Cain can secure the republican nomination, but I do know that the election is still over a year away and the front runner this time in 2007 was not John McCain. A lot changes in a year.

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