Saturday, September 13, 2008


I know I didn't post on 9-11, mostly because I get too angry on that day. It just burns me up that there is still a pit in the middle of New York City. I don't understand why we don't just rebuild the Twin Towers. After hurricane katrina we rebuilt New Orleans, a whole city! I also get angry that our Military is being bound by lawyers and politicians so they can't do a proper job in Iraq or Afghanistan. I mean for God's sake we've fought longer and harder wars with a positive outcome, this should be a cakewalk.

I carry a picture of the WTC I took in my Bible with a verse on the back Romans 12:19 (no I am not gonna say it, go dust off your Word and look it up). This keeps me cool and calm whenever I think about 9-11. But I remember, I remember the death and destruction. I remember the people jumping out of the windows to their demise. I remember seeing the muslims dancing in the street celebrating their great victory. And I remember for a fleeting moment we were united as Americans. Than people started forgetting, they fell back into the normal routine of living, pretending it was 9-10. But closing your eyes and humming isn't going to make throat slashing islamist go away. We need to remember and keep hold of those memories till the job is done. It's them or us, so decide now. Do we die into the dark and let them rule the world with a bloody rusty knife or do we kill them and continue to be a beacon of light to the word. There is no other option. CHOOSE!

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