Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Never Mentioned

I realized I never mentioned anything about me on this blog. So I figured I'd give you the rundown of my school and work life.

I am a Graphic Design Major and have been for more years than I care to mention. I am dedicated though to finish school ASAP. I will probably double major in computer science so I can try to make up for lost time. The graphic arts stuff started in high screwl. Pasadena High to be exact though I was in the Graphic Arts Academy, which was supposed to be a way for advanced students to expand their learning. It turned out to be where idiots could get enough experience to pick up the trade right out of high school. But I followed up at Pasadena City College continuing the GA push. I messed around and took longer than I should have and when I started looking into transfer I had missed my window and the individual classed would no longer cross over. So I started an i.g.e.t.s.i. program to get a AA for transfer. Which I am currently 2 classes away from. Both math (my worst subject) and giving me a really hard time. But I am determined to get it done!

Simultaneously I was attending church at Bethany Church in Sierra Madre CA. I had gotten involved with student leadership and was thrilled when my Mother told me her church Agape Christian (formerly Greek Evangelical Church of LA, I don't know why she was going there) needed help in their youth group. I spent the next three years there as a youth leader. After high school I stuck around Agape but was not happy with the new youth director so I followed my old youth leader to First Presbyterian Church of Monrovia. I volunteered there for 7 years and worked in cooperation with First Pres Oxnard before I felt the call to run my own group. I was youth director at Trinity Lutheran Church in San Pedro within 3 months of leaving First Pres. Though my time there was short (10 months) I made some great friends and grew exponentially in my Faith. After bouncing around for a while I took a small job with New Hope Family Church in Adelanto. It was a six month handshake deal but it gave me a chance to work on my calling.

So there's a condensed version of my last 15 years, I dunno if any of you actually care but too bad I already posted it :p

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