Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A thought before Christmas...

Watching the news is gearing me up for next year, Obama has a BIG whole to fill, while I fully acknowledge Bush put us in this hole, the great O doesn't seem to have a clue. Let's hope I'm wrong and O brings change... slim chance I know. But that's for next year.

As most of you know I recently moved (see a few post ago). It's taken a bit but I have finally settled in and feel like I'm home. I've had longs talks with my housemate and things are falling into place perfectly. Not to say I don't feel a little stir crazy now and than but I've never been to the point where I didn't really want to be here. The boys can be wild, but I feel like God has put me in their lives to help guide them down the right path and I'm not one to argue with the creator of the universe. I can help steer them down the right path and do my best to fill in the gaps left by a certain irresponsible parent. While their mom is more than capable and my position is little more than glorified babysitter the right male influence is important and I'm gonna do my best to help these kids the same way my stepfather did for me. In return I get more than a roof over my head, I get a accountability partner which I haven't had up here in the desert, something painfully clear by my decisions over the last 3 years. This alone is worth my time.

So it's Christmas eve and it's looking to snow again. A sign of renewal as everything is covered in clean pure white. On the night we celebrate the birth of Jesus I think snow is fitting more than just for x-mas but as a sign that the last 3 years are covered, with a clean slate I can move into the new year happy and thankful for what God has done for me.

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