Thursday, January 8, 2009

Quakes and things

After a very long week last week things have finally settled back to normal. My leg is still jacked, but I think it's getting better. I have a lingering cough that is still annoying but everything else has fallen back to the norm. All the holiday stress is gone, Bible study started up and regular everyday stress is back. Church Sunday was the first clue things were back. Tuesday night felt like old times and though there have been some obstacles I am feeling groovy.

If I may dip into politics for a moment; I am displeased with Obama's silence on the latest Israel vs. Islamoterrorist conflict. He has been spouting something fierce about the economy and how he plans to spend us out of this "recession" but when it comes to Israel being assaulted (again) by mooselimb thugs he says we already have a president and it's not his place to give an opinion. I call shenanigans. I have always said Obama is going to leave Israel in the cold and this is not helping his case.

Ok, I did mention quakes in the title, we had another one tonight. 4.9 centered about 25 miles away. This is the second evening quake we've had in as many months, not that I'm surprised I do live in California but that's a pretty short interval even by Cali standards. The good news is all the small quakes suck energy away from bigger ones on bigger faults like the San Andreas which runs right by here but has been fairly quiet (knock on wood).

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