Sunday, January 25, 2009

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So on my quest to shy away from politics, I find myself doing a lot of nothing. I never realized how much time I spent reading articles, books and blogging. I'm still keeping track of whats going on but just enough to not get to stressed out. If I were to blog every time the great and powerful O or one of his disciples did something that bugged me I wouldn't have time to breath. So being that I am sticking to this less drama approach you'll have to go somewhere else to get your politics.

I did catch a flick this past weekend, Defiance. It was a period piece set in nazi occupied Russia, with the nazi's doing their thing against the Russian Jews. Overall it was a good movie, but don't forget the subject, at times it can be hard to watch. Daniel Craig and Liev Schriber shared the title roles and did an amazing job.

Thing's are well on the home front, I refuse to give in to the drama bug biting at me. Had a not so hot night out last Friday, don't ask... And I am still battling an array of illness like I've never had before. I can't figure out why I am having this many medical issues but I am determined to get through them. That and I am putting it in my Prayer request both at Church and in my small group. So unless God is trying to teach me a lesson I'm just not understanding it'll all clear up soon.

Oh and I'm throwing a superbowl party this weekend, the first in a while. Usually this was a Church thing but I guess they don't want to risk the stupid copyright violation by showing the game at the church. Of course that last time I did a superbowl event at a church was the time janet jackson decided to pull her nipple stunt. Safe to say if I had made it to another superbowl at that church there would have been no party.

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