Saturday, January 17, 2009

Internet Withdrawals and Other Goings On

So due to an unpaid bill (yeah I'm a slacker) my cable and internet was shut off for a few days. It's a weird thing when you have no TV and no internet, you find yourself doing things you never thought you'd do. I rearranged my closet, dresser and even a briefcase I store paperwork in. I stood in the doorway a couple times just looking at the computer (yeah that's pretty sad). As you can tell the bill is paid and I am back in action but it was a long few days.

We're getting in on inauguration day and I am hanging on to hope that the Obamessiah will stun the world and preside over us in an intelligent and upright manner. But his stimulus idea is bad all around. It wasn't that long ago he was criticizing the Bush administration for for his stimulus plan that the great O himself was on on board for. Complaining about being a trillion dollars in the hole, than adding another trillion to the problem seems like a bad idea. Not to mention his disciples are saying his emissary Hillary Clinton is going to achieve peace in the middle east in the first week of his time in office. FAT CHANCE, not that I don't want peace but O's hand waving over the problem is not gonna make 3000 years of hate go away.

All else is great in my little patch of desert. I'm rolling on a drama free, less stress path. I'm giving my burdens up to JC and I am doing my part by trying to be the man I've been called to be. It's not always easy, or stress free by far, but it would be much worse if I fought God and tried to forge my own path.

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