Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Back To The Caprican Future?

So Back To The Future, one of my favorite moves, is twenty five years old and the new anniversary edition has footage of Eric Stolz (Caprica) in his five week run as Marty McFly. I knew Eric was the first choice but I had no clue there was film. Robert Zemeckis shot the five weeks with Stolz, but wasn't getting the laughs he wanted. He showed the footage to Spielberg and they decided to take the chance on a different lead actor. That was of course Michael J. Fox. Take a look at the Stolz McFly;

When the trilogy first came out on DVD I bought it. Everyone needs to see these movies. You can imagine how peeved I was when someone stole my copy. But I replaced it fast and watch them religiously. The only movie I watch more is Who Framed Roger Rabbit. I can't imagine what the movies would have been like with Stolz in the lead. If it truly wasn't funny then maybe it wouldn't have garnered such a huge following and who know what kind of cosmic changes that would lead to? I wouldn't want to live in a world without BTTF!

One of the highlights of the new Piranha 3D movie is Christopher Lloyd as the scientist who has all the answers about the evil fish. He's aged a bit but is still awesome. Also if you want I am gonna link this post to the Fox Foundation for research into Parkinson's Disease.

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