Saturday, October 16, 2010

Who's the "S"?

I don't know if you are all aware, but I am a huge Superman fan. From the comics, cartoons, TV, movies and even books. Superman has been merged with American culture over the last fifty plus years. Becoming the basis for books, music and even terminology. Everyone's heard some sort of reference and who hasn't tied a towel around their neck and zipped around their house pretending to fly.

We know now that Zack Snyder is helming the newest Superman movie, but the question on my mind and I bet many others is who is going th play the Man of Steel? With movies like Sucker PunchWatchmen300 and Dawn of the  Dead  under his belt I think The Man OF Steel (tentative title) has a lot of promise. I am linking all the potential names to a picture so you can get an idea of how they would fit in the tights, of course one of them is actually in them so no imagination necessary. 

Who has the stuff to play Superman? The Christopher Reeves standard was set at six foot four, blue eyes and somewhere in the two hundred and twenty pound range. Now I know that is a small window for the guys but to play a larger than life character like Superman you are going to have to be a big guy. The rumor mill is alive and well with names like Armie Hammer, the return of Brandon Routh, the Smallville lead Tom Welling and even Mad Men star Jon Hamm  (who has officially squashed the rumor by the way). While any of these guys minus Hamm, too short, could fill the red boots with ease, Routh and Welling are a longshot if any at all, Armie has the best shot of this bunch.

Let me throw some other names in the hat, these two have the chops and the fit that I think would be great for Supes. 

First everytime I see Jared Padaleki on Supernatural I think get that kid a haircut and he would be a great Superman. Second is Chuck star Zachary Levi. I know they do a good job of making Zach look like a nerd for his role but if you have seen the show recently you know Zach can turn on the action when he needs it. While Zach will need some contacts for the blue eyes, they both meet the Reeves standard and has proved their acting range on their respective shows, I've seen them funny, serious, thrilling and stoic. 

This may seem like overkill to the not so interested, but to the fans whoever wears the yellow, red and blue is a big deal. Think about this, for a short while years ago Nicholas Cage was on the top of the superman list, WTH?

Just in case you haven't seen 300, here you go, enjoy...

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