Saturday, October 23, 2010

Iron Man 2 & America

When Iron Man 2  hit theaters I was in Israel and though there was a theater in Jerusalem I didn't have the money to waste on movies. Shortly after I got back the cheap "$1" theater near my house got Iron Man 2 and finally saw it. Jump to a few weeks ago when I was visiting with friends for another friend's wedding and we popped Iron Man 2 into his BluRay player.

Overall it was a good movie, almost as good as the first and that's a tough thing for sequels. Like the first there were many scenes that went from science to science fiction and that I don't mind. It's a movie after all and if you can't let the mind wander into fantasy at the movies then it's probably not a great movie. The acting was good, RDJr. has really made an amazing comeback from the drug addled days of his youth and emerged as a captivating and enjoyable presence at the movies. The surrounding cast also does well, I am not a fan of Gwenneth Paltrow, I usually don't see movies she's in and when I do I'm not happy, this is the exception that proves the rule. Don Cheadle was a good replacement for Terrance Howard, Rourke makes for a good villain even with the dumb accent though Sam Rockwell was mediocre at best. He hasn't done a good movie since HGTTG.

There is one part that got me thinking and here comes the tie into politics. Early in the movie Tony Stark is brought before a congressional committee and is told to turn over his property to the government, and in today's America that doesn't seem to far off. A couple of post back I touched on scandal during hurricane katrina where police and military were going door to door and collecting legally owned firearms from the good people of Louisiana. Then there is the Obama Administration which continually brings up mandatory govt service.

Much like Tony Stark said no and one of my post a couple back, we to have to say no! No to the suspension of the 2nd Amendment when the wind blows and no to the Obama Admin's call for mandatory service. Most of all we need to say NO to the govt takeover of all the different private industries in our great nation. The lesson we can take away from Iron Man is that the answers to our biggest problems lie in the people, not the government. To borrow a line from the Iron Man movie; That's how dad did it and that's how America does it!

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