Friday, October 29, 2010

Things That Make You Go BOOM!

Woke up this morning to a string of bomb threats around the planet. It seems there is some kind of semi dry run of bombs in the mail happening out of Yemen. From now only one actually explosive device has been confirmed with one other possibility and at least one dummy device found in Dubai on a plane from Yemen. One flight headed to NY's JFK airport was actually escorted by fighter jets to it's destination. That must be fun to see out the plane window... Look mommy jets! Thank God nothing actually exploded... Today.

This was a good reminder that we can't let our guard down. The President spoke today and said  "We must remain vigilant against terror", of course it's his Administration that has taken the word "terrorist" out of official use. But he is right, by leaving Iraq unstable, giving a timeline for leaving Afghanistan, and declaring Al Qaeda is "no longer a threat to the US",  they are going to work extra hard to show us that we are still a target. Today's events might just be the beginning. 

As the 9/11 anniversary rapidly comes to the ten year mark, we have to remember they started this fight and we have to be one to finish it!

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