Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Day After Tomorrow

Yeah I know this is hitting late, I am very good at procrastinating...

The midterms have passed, the outcome was favorable, mostly. I watched the coverage all day, not to mention twitter which kept my phone beeping for hours. I split my time time between the three major news outlets Foxnews, CNN and MSNBC. I am not a fan of the latter two, but I have to do something while fox is in commercial. The outcomes were pretty much what was expected, my prediction was 59 house and 9 senate and I was close. Though being from California I have some serious disappointment to deal with.

Fox's coverage was exemplary, they stayed very close to their "Fair and Balanced" motto. They featured a litany of contributors from both sides of the aisle and did it without showing much for bias. CNN tries, but the overall dislike of the GOP still shines through in their delivery. The coverage was solid overall and they served their purpose of filling time while fox was on commercial. MSNBC was despicable, the openly hateful and bitter Matthews and Maddow cringed at every GOP gain and used the losses to make fun of and poke at the opposition. Which makes it no surprise FOX dominated the rating of the night with CNN in a far second and MSNBC behind them. 

The pick up in the Congress was nothing short of a slaughter, rebuking Obama and all the outrageous spend him and Congress has been doing for the past six years, yes six. Nancy Pelosi took over six years ago, and while Bush had made some bad call before that, things went really down hill in his second term. The GOP pick up is definitely a referendum, but not a open door for the republicans to go back to the pre-Obama ways. The tea party intervened on behalf of the people, people who wanted the GOP remember its roots and what used to make them different form the democrats. Small govt, low taxes, stern control of our borders, our common language and culture (hat tip to Michael Savage). If the GOP doesn't remember and return from it's senility it just might have to be tied to a tree and well you know the rest.

My biggest disappointment lies with California who somehow let Barbara Boxer keep her senate seat and re-install Jerry Brown, yes Moonbeam himself to the seat of Governor. Not too mention ninety percent of the props that went wrong. California is stuck on stupid. Arnold was the worst kind of RINO and he did the same amount of damage or maybe even more the Gray Davis. Boxer is known throughout the Nation as the dumbest person in the senate, I knew she would be terrible for California from the first time I met her, that would be when she came to visit my high school many moons ago. I love California, I have lived in New York, Jerusalem, and have spent shorter amounts of time in other places and none stack up to California, her beaches, mountains, deserts and forest are amazing and the weather is awesome. But the govt intrusion into peoples lives is through the roof and everyday I want to be here less and less. Why should I be driven from the place I love by socialist?

The next two years will be crucial to this country and the direction it goes. Times will be hard, we have to break our addiction to unlimited spending, the withdrawals will be painful but if we don't go through it that crazy future commercial depicting the Chinese ruling over us might just come to fruition.


  1. I would suggest Arizona as your next stop. The scenery is better and so's the cost of living.