Wednesday, November 10, 2010

TSA: Naked Scan Or Else!

A while back I posted on the naked scanners in "Say Cheese", they were new on the scene and people weren't happy. Some are claiming health issues and now some airports are screaming "opt out" if you choose not to be scanned and putting people though demeaning, sometimes painful "pat downs" that include squeezing or twisting genitalia.

Pilots who have to go through the scanners multiple times a day for some are saying that the repeated exposure to the radiation could create health issues. Just like getting multiple x-rays. Still others say that the bombardment or radiation can damage your DNA and cause serious problems.

The "Opt Out" seems to be discouraged by demeaning treatment and intrusive pat downs. One story (audio) comes from a woman that had been through the opt out wringer before and just wanted to ask some question when she was swarmed by over a dozen police and TSA employees.

The TSA's blog has the official information and claims that no improper touching or groping is going on. Though the stories countering that are too numerous to post, here's a couple. From forcing a four year old girl out of her leg braces to a pregnant woman and her eight year old daughter being fondled.

I haven't come across any of these issues with the TSA, El Al is a different story. Their "secondary" screening in Zurich was hands on, but I had heard about El Al before my flight and had a pretty good idea of what I was in for. The thing that worried me most was my laptop, let me suggest a security friendly case. I will have one of these the next time I fly.

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