Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Seeing RED

Saw the movie "RED" yesterday, Bruce Willis topped an all star cast including John Malkovich and Helen Mirren. I guess you could describe "RED" as a AARP version of "Expendables", in a good way. The premise was a group of retired CIA operatives who are brought back into the spy game when they are put on a list to be terminated. I'm not gonna give away anymore, you should go see this movie, it was action packed, loads of fun and while the violence was extreme the language was pretty clean (one f-bomb) and no sex or nudity. Safe for your teens, but I'd leave the little ones home.

But this is not a movie review, it's politics people. Back a few post I mentioned how hollywood has been trying to force feminized heroes on us (Scott Pilgrim and the like), "RED" was just more proof that we don't want girly heroes. Bruno is getting close to sixty and he is our go to tough guy. I like "Live Free Die Hard" but the thought that Bruce is signed to do two more is disturbing. Is there really not a MAN under 40 that can be an action star (sorry Michael Cera doesn't count)? We have some prospects, Chris Pine (the new Kirk from "Star Trek") is taking on the role of Jack Ryan handed down from another aging action anchor Harrison Ford.

The feminist movement has destroyed chivalry and ruined true feminism. Not to mention at least two generations of boys. Boys who were drugged by schools when they showed signs of being boys. Dodge ball was deemed unsafe and tag-you're it was halted cause no one should be put on the spot and be called "it". God forbid a boy want a toy gun, what happened to GI Joe? Who is going defend this country if we turn all our boys to girls? Masculine responsibility for the civilization’s survival is replaced by womanish dreams maneuvering for trouble to be wished away. Such peoples no longer know how to defend themselves. They instead argue themselves to impotence.

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