Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Now I have never been a "Birther", I knew this day would come, I just didn't figure Donald Trump as the cause of it. After all these years and all the media buzz it just seems like Obama would have held on to this for a better moment, I guess he really feels threatened by Trump and that is the bigger bombshell of the day. 

Over the years my friends and I have figured that this was a planned red herring, Obama let this go because anyone that talked about where he was born wasn't talking about the damage he is doing to the Country. It also let the media and others label people as crazy "Birthers" and filled countless hours of news babble, again with BS instead of how Obama was driving this our Country into the ground. Think about how many people got sucked under the birther bus might have actually had something poignant to say but fell for Obama's trap. Really you have to give Obama (or the actual guy who came up with this, I'm thinking Rahm) credit for running with this scam. 

Now I know the hardcore birther element will probably keep this going till Obama is gone and long after. But for everyone else this is just one more thing out of the way that Obama can't hide behind. He has to go the rest of his term and the new campaign without this cozy little smokescreen hiding what he's actually doing. I'm sure he has other things lined up (or not since Rahm is gone), other ways to try and keep us away from his real agenda. 

So here it is if you haven't seen it already. Obama's mother Stanley was "Punished" with a child when she was a teenager, and I bet you Jr. is happy she didn't take the easy way out. 

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