Monday, April 11, 2011

Used To Be

I was reading an article today about GM recalling 2100 Chevrolet Cruzes due to their steering wheels coming off while people are driving! While it's only a small number of cars, it's a big problem. I thought about what American unions used to produce 30+ years ago and I felt sick, we used to be great. There was a time when American cars were the top of the line and you could drive them forever. It was normal to rack up 2 or even 3 hundred thousand miles, with proper maintenance though sometimes not even that, even mistreated Chevy or Dodge trucks were reliable well after the odometer ticked 200,000. 

But as the unions got bigger the quality started to suffer. By the late 70's American cars were a joke and that's how they stayed until the late 90's. The "Big 3" started mounting a comeback, but cafe standards, the push for eco-friendly cars that no one wanted and shoddy work combined with the greedy unions and the greed of the companies themselves started them down a path to a painful crash that sent all of the Big 3 towards bankruptcy. While it is possible (as we saw later) for big companies to survive bankruptcy the Obama administration lumped them in to the "too big to fail" list and offered them tax-payer funded bail outs. 2 of the Big 3 took Obama's money and subsequently went bankrupt anyway. Ford stood their ground and with some major restructuring and very risky gambles came through better than ever. GM and Chrysler were bought up by the Govt and then sold chunks off to foreign companies or just straight given chunks to the unions. 

So now the once great American Chrysler Motors is now mostly Italian with the unions hold a chunk and General Motors is now Government Motors, the name wasn't officially changed but we know. That means if you want a American car built by a private American company you have one choice Ford, and Ford is looking good.  

When you have Union assembly line employees smoking weed and pounding 22′s on their lunch break, as video evidence proved just recently, is it any wonder those cars are falling apart? Try free market capitalism where terminations occur for sub-par performance and raises are awarded based on above par performance this will produce better cars.

Our country is in the same shape as this Chevy car with the faulty steering wheel. We've now had 2+ years of Obama basically jerking the steering wheel right off, in the process wanting us to drive our cars Flintstone-style. Gas is now 60+% higher since he took office, the debt has sky-rocketed, our standing in the world is diminished, social spending is at an all-time high, true unemployment is something like 25% or more, businesses are suffering due to uncertainty, and we all sit here wondering what’s going to happen next. 

Zero leadership, zero original thought, we’re suffering under a left-wing ideologue in Obama and the previous Congress. Let’s face it! the leftists have been simply following all the failed policies of other leftists of the past. We’re left holding the bill and wondering where our country is going other than down the toilet. Kinda feels like holding the steering column tight while hoping somebody can slow down the car before we careen off the ever-approaching cliff.

I still have hope, not Obama's hope, but hope that America can one day return to our roots. Be the country our Founding Fathers wanted us to be. Like we used to be.

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