Sunday, April 3, 2011

Thoughts On Jobs

So the news is reporting unemployment at 8.8% which seems good, on the surface. But let's look at the numbers. The current US work force is 138.1 million and the "Official Unemployed" is 13.4 million, but the actual unemployed is 24.1 million. That makes the actual unemployment rate more like 17%. Now I know Obama is loving this "official rate", even though the reason the rate is as "low" as it is, is due to the Bush tax rates that Obama swore he'd repeal and then folded like a french man. We're still 7.3 million jobs lower than when Obama took office. 

It looks to me that this was Obama's intention from the beginning. He knew he wouldn't repeal the Bush tax cuts, in his first term, that would have put a guaranteed single term stamp on him. Don't be fooled, like the stock market this is a manufactured bubble and it will burst on command. Due to the impotence of the Republican party, Obama will be reelected and then the real fun will start. The Bush tax cuts go, cap and trade will return and continuing slaughter of American infrastructure will spike unemployment, gas and utility prices, along with food shortages. This will finally bring America to the place Obama thinks it belongs, at the bottom with everyone else. Dinesh D'Souza told us that.

I know most people will say it's loopy to think that Obama wants us to fail, but all the signs point that way. There is hope, real hope not the Obama campaign hope. America is tough and has survived poor leaders before, primarily because of her people. We the People, who with God's help, push through the hard times even when we have no national leadership to speak of. Have Faith and stay strong, call Congress and the Senate, vote and remember We are a shining city on a hill. The Gipper is the best reminder.

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