Monday, April 25, 2011

Just Saying

  • So all you hippies that love Apple products so much, did you hear they are the least green tech company? HA!
  • While I am on the subject, why does Big Oil catch so much flak for the shabby 8% profit they clear and nobody says a word on the 42% Apple rakes in?
  • You know how I know I am getting old prematurely? I have designated Saturday night as Monopoly night.
  • Head to head, diesel is more cost efficient then ethanol.
  • The satellite dish recently fell off my house and the first thing I thought of was "Cool, something to shoot at!"
  • I was busting up the other day while watching the most recent episode of Community on HULU when a starving children commercial came on and ruined my fun.
  • Obama has given a speech on every major muslim holiday, but decided not to speak on Easter... I'm sure that doesn't mean anything... Or does it?
  • As gas prices shoot up to four and a half bucks I just keep wondering; Where are the nuclear powered flying cars?
  • Counting flip flops I have 8 pairs of shoes, does that make me gay?

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