Sunday, May 22, 2011

Just Saying

  • I am sooooo glad Huckabee isn't running for president. Daniels too.
  • I am throwing all my support behind Herman Cain, out of the other tawdry choices we have he just seems to shine the brightest.
  • On an opposite note, the dim bulb we call president ha called for Israel to return to 1967 borders. To show how insulting that is, I equate it to someone (likely another democrat) saying we should return to our 1861 borders (look it up).
  • My two guilty pleasures right now are The Lonely Island and Epic Meal Time.
  • Do you ever watch Obama on TV and get the feeling you're in the Twilight Zone? I do.
  • One good thing about skyrocketing food prices, it will be easier to stick to my diet.
  • A wise man once asked me; What can a finite being offer an infinite God?
  • Do you ever actually look at the pages you doodle on while sitting bored at school/work? Usually there is some weird stuff in there.
  • The closer I get to the end of Atlas Shrugged the more tripped out I get every time Obama utters the words "Social Justice".
  • Have you ever been so pissed at yourself you want to kick your own ass?
  • Yep they are re-booting The Flinstones and I have no response to that...

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