Tuesday, May 10, 2011

News, Not News

Since the bin Laden killing certain things just haven't been making much news. There are two topics I want to mention specifically and on that is getting some headlines, just not the right kind.

First off is Libya, other than an air strike or two the news hasn't said much of anything going on in our third war kinetic military action. There is no word on how the rebels are doing, what cities they control or don't control and somehow I doubt the occasional strike on Kadoofy's house is the only bombs we're dropping. Last I heard England was talking about sending in ground forces. The running theory in my house is all the rebels are gone, either dead or just went home and the whole war action is us. From what I read the whole rebel force at it's height was only 1200 guys, not quite what most people outside of Libya had in mind.

The second is the split forming between Ahmadinejad and Khamenei in Iran. For years now Khamenei has kept Ahmadinejad around, most thought as a puppet, and now Ahmadinejad wants to be a real boy err chihuahua or whatever he is. This week Ahmadinejad returned to work after a ten day "vacation" which seemed more like a union style strike. A power struggle between Iran’s top leaders could really shake the Islamic Republic to the core, "with no sign that its hardline president can regain the trust of conservative politicians and clerics", analysts say. We've known for a while now the K had some issues with A, it came to a head recently when K decided to let go of some of A's cabinet members. A tried to have them reinstated but K put his foot down and that's what sent A on his "vacation". You can read some more over at Pajamas but I just thought you'd like to know.

The last thing that's bugging me is Obama's re-energized presidency that seems to be just a big campaign tactic. In the last year President Obama was starting to look more like Senator Obama, voting present but not doing a whole lot more. But in the last month since he's announced that he's back on the campaign trail he seems to be awake and alert. Maybe because campaigning is the only thing he's good at. Obama is taking the awesome three point bump his approval rating got after sending bin Laden to hell where he belongs and steam rolling that into immigration reform. Now since he didn't pass this when he had a super majority I figure he was waiting for now, so he can look good to the fastest growing voter bloc, Hispanics. We know that Congress isn't going to pass any kind of reform but that's what Obama wants. He will put an idea, Congress will shoot it down and he will look like the hero and the Republicans will be taking on the villain role as usual. Remember always watch the other hand, Obama is an illusionist and nothing he says can be taken at face value.

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