Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Only Friend

Many of you know that this time last year I was living in Jerusalem in the Old City a mere two minute walk from the Western Wall or as we call it the Kotel. While I was there I witnessed first hand how the Palestinians act on a daily basis. While some seemed like friendly normal people most of the ones I came in contact with were angry and prone towards violence. The two times I walked through the Arab Quarter of the Old City I had rocks thrown at me by adults and children. I also saw the "Protest", more rock throwing along with tire burning and yelling at police. To disperse the crowds before things got too violent the police used tear gas. I watched the media there filming the "poor protesters" running away from the gas only to either stop running right after they passed the camera or even walk their children into the gas only to come running out in front of the camera.

I mention this because of the new current "Protest" that are taking place in Israel. This new tactic of bombarding the borders with unarmed protesters is just another way of chiseling at Israel's defenses. According to Fox News this is only the beginning, kind of a test run, and we will see more of these in greater numbers in the near future. Sunday's unrest occurred as the Palestinians marked the "nakba," or "catastrophe" this is the (peace partner) term they use to describe their defeat in the war that followed Israel's founding on May 15, 1948 when Israel stomped the armies of surrounding Arab states as well as local Arabs who attacked just hours after the Jewish state was declared.

The Prime Minister of Hamas (the terrorist organization that runs the Palestinian Authority) Haniyeh who claims to want peace with Israel said yesterday that he "prays for an end to Israel" and that Hamas will never acknowledge Israel's right to exist. Of course in the same speech he said they will recognize the name of "The State of Israel" so good luck trying to figure out what that means.

The Obama Administration has been changing our relationships in the middle east. Obama has alienated our only true friend in the middle east by endorsing regime change in Egypt that has given that country over to the Muslim Brotherhood. Condemned Israel for protecting itself and looked the other way as Iran continues to build nuclear weapons and threaten Israel's safety. Now my definition of friend doesn't fit with what Obama is doing there. We need speak out as a people and remind the administration that we have one true friend in the middle east and supporting them should be our primary concern. Not coddling countries run by dictators or terrorist, but standing up to them and telling them that the USA and Israel with stand together to stop the madness by whatever means necessary.

Glenn Beck is planning another big rally, this time in Jerusalem. He wants all faiths to come together and take a stand, not just for Israel but for the world. “I invite you to join me in Israel this summer to stand together and show the world what living a life of faith and honor really means. I invite you to join me in my quest to Restore Courage,” Glenn said. Courage is lacking in society today. We see glimmers here and there, even from Obama who made the call to take out bin Laden, of course it took him three days to make the decision, but he made the right call. We see other instances of courage all over, but it is time that courage becomes a fore-stand not just something we summon as a last resort.

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