Saturday, May 21, 2011

Only Friend Part II

On Tuesday my last blog post was about defending Israel, little did I know that just 2 days later The President of the United States would throw his support to the Palestinians and turn his back on our only friend in the middle east. For the first time since the State of Israel was created, the POTUS has abandoned our ally in favor of the muslim terrorist group Hamas. We really should have seen this coming, backing the muslim brotherhood in Egypt should have been a big clue. By telling Israel to drop dead Obama has shown his true colors and as I posted on twitter; the years of exposure in his raising, schooling, churching, community organizing and politics have ingrained Antisemitism into Obama and he can't hide it any longer.

Obama’s demand for Israel to return to its 1967 borders, displaces over 300,000 Israeli citizens from nearly half of the country. What right does Obama (who speaks for us all) have to make 300,000 people of another country homeless? What right does Obama have to involve himself in Israel’s affairs? What right does Obama have to demand an ally give up its own territory won in a defensive war, when it was attacked without provocation, from all sides, by multiple countries? What right does Obama have to give away the land Israel needs to defend themselves from Hamas missiles and terrorist attacks? What if Obama’s interposing leads to the destruction of Israel and the death of millions of innocent Israelis? With friends like this, Israel no longer needs enemies.

Thursday Obama made it clear he hates Israel and doesn’t care what the American people think or want. I am hoping that this will secure him a loss in the 2012 election. I hope Jewish voters will see the light and never again feel the same about Obama or Democrats that support this craziness. Obama’s biggest mistake was crossing religious voters, over 90% of America connects itself to Judeo-Christian values. It is the same Judeo-Christian voters that elect Presidents. And almost 100 million evangelical Christians who love Israel will now vote and donate to Obama’s opponents with a fervor and passion of a patriotic group on a mission to save America and Israel from destruction. And that is exactly where Obama is taking us.

Since President Obama cannot be relied on, we have to speak up as individuals to let Israel know we support them and care about their future. A middle east without Israel will not have peace. Without Jews to pick on the muslims will focus on Christians. When the Christians are gone they will just keep going farther and farther till they get to you, where ever you are. Do you really think a muslim earth is a peaceful one? If you keep throwing your friends under the bus, soon you will be surrounded by enemies. 

Here's what the great Gene Simmons has to say on the subject. 

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