Tuesday, June 14, 2011

His Time Is Up

Yesterday Obama said his family aren't "invested" in him being president and they would have been OK if he decided against running for re-election. The narcissist and chief still claims he is doing this "For the Country". Mrs.O says that she'd be OK with a less stressful job for her husband. I say let him be unemployed, let him feel the sting of eating nothing but rice and canned tuna for a few months. I am perfectly OK with Barack H. Obama being a one term president. I'm on the Herman Cain train right now, but reality is I don't care which Republican wins the nomination. Anybody but Obama!

Also yesterday at a "Jobs Counsel", Obama had the audacity to crack a joke about the lack of jobs and chuckled along with his new bosom buddy Jeff Imelt from GE. I hope they had had a good time laughing at my expense along with the other 24.2 million people in this country who are unemployed. The Obama administration promised the the stimulus would prevent the jobless rate from going over 8%. It now stands at 9.1% which of course is a doctored number with the actual being more like 17%. 

Recently after posting an old video from Steven Crowder about the disarray that is the city of Detroit MI. and citing that the whole country would follow if we don't oust Obama, a friend of mine from Canada said I was scapegoating. Now I know that Bush bears some of the responsibility of this seemingly never ending recession, but the majority of our problems lie squarely on Obama's shoulders and it is not scapegoating to place the blame where it belongs. Obama's Keynesian policies have put the US in a deep hole and no amount of government growth or spending will fix it. Two weeks ago I finished reading Atlas Shrugged (if you haven't read it, read it!), the climax of that story is by far the worst case scenario, but to say we are not on that track is only fooling yourself. The History Channel has been running commercials about fallen empires and then cuts to a shot of the US Capitol, it can happen, no one wants to believe it, but our society is degrading fast and if the mob fights breaking out at coffee shops and fast food joints don't scare you, know it will only get worse. 

I'm not saying Obama is the anti-christ or on some sort of quest to destroy the nation. But I will say he is a fool, and if we continue to follow this fool the blame for where he takes us is ours alone. Start now, educate yourself on the candidates and their policies. There is a good range out there. If you're more moderate look at Romney. If you're a Constitutionalist look at Paul. And of course if you are ultra conservative there are a few choices for you.   Read up, watch the debates and make sure that when the time come in November 2012 you are on board to save this Great Nation.

Now you know all know or will now that I hate Leno and Letterman and I'm not a huge fan of Conan O'Brien, but his graduation speech at Dartmouth this year was pretty darned good. Watch and take some of his inspiration into your tomorrow.

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