Monday, June 6, 2011

Not In The News

In my last post I mentioned Syrians rushing the Israeli border as distraction from the Syrian government massacring it's own people. While that hasn't stopped, (there is new graphic video at Big Peace to prove it) it now seems like the Syrians are just multi-tasking.

Recent intel coming out of Syria says the government is paying farmers who make an average of two hundred dollars a month one thousand dollars to rush the Israeli border. With an extra ten thousand if you are killed in the process, to go to the family. Though seeing what they do to their own people, I wouldn't really expect the govt to pay up. With this new tactic of sending "unarmed" people swarming on the border look for new calls of human rights violations against Israel. Even though if you rush any other country's border (i.e. Mexico, all of Europe, all of the Asia, really the whole world except maybe the U.S.) you will be shot on sight. But this area specifically holds importance.

The Golan Heights, which has been a often fought for chunk of land is currently in the possession of Israel. While Obama would have Israel return Golan to Syria, it is a strategic defense point for Israel. Notice the word heights, Golan is a small mountainous are right at the border. As any strategist will tell you high ground is key to defense. By keeping a close watch from Golan Israel can see any Syrian activity coming and can defend itself properly. If Israel were to give up Golan the Syrians would have easy access to Northern Israel.

The north-east is just another of Israel's problems, when you're surrounded by enemies on all sides you'd better have your head on a swivel.

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