Sunday, June 19, 2011

Just Saying

  • Since there is no perfect candidate, I'm sticking to Herman Cain for now. Maybe he can't win, but I still say a non-politician is the best bet.
  • I'm so angry, the sad state of our economy and the lack of jobs has me figuring which guns I want to sell.
  • Obama said recently that ATMs are eating up jobs in America. Can you say out of touch? 
  • The biggest issue against Obama in 2012 is he's an incompetent fool.
  • As much as I am over the story, it's still hilarious that his name is Weiner and he is trouble for lying about his namesake.
  • My electric tooth brush died, so I am forced to do it the old fashioned way. It's barbaric.
  • Is anyone else as excited as I am over the Tim Burton exhibit at LACMA?
  • What am supposed to do with all my music cd's?
  • My weekly monopoly night is backfiring, I can't seem to win.
  • It's been over a year since I got back from Israel, and I want to go back soon. For this I need Obama to join the ranks of single term presidents.
  • Adam Carolla said "Scarlett Johansson seems like she was put on this earth to just to make me angry.", and I agree.
  • Why the hell haven't we re-built the Twin Towers yet?!?

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