Monday, June 13, 2011

War Protesters! Where?

When George Bush invaded Afghanistan the war protesters were there, when he invaded Iraq the numbers exploded. War protesters were demonstrating across the country. Holding signs that cursed Bush, his family and even calling for him to be hung. Bush also caught a lot of flak for supporting Israel, even though he did very little to help them.

Today, though winding down we still have troops in Iraq. And if you've been watching the news you know they are still dying. Afghanistan is a complete mess, we have no strategy, no plan to win or even an exit. We have dropped bombs and killed Bin Laden in Pakistan. Months not days later we are still in Libya, without congressional approval by the way and it's not winding down either, boots on the ground is inevitable. Now we are dropping bombs in Yemen. But surprise, surprise the protesters are no where to be found.

No one should be surprised by this. The double standard is so obvious here. When it's a Republican he can do no good, and a Democrat can do no wrong. The MSM is complicit in this as well, during the Bush administration there were daily updates on how many soldiers died. When's the last time you saw a body count on CNN?

Basically if you were one of those pacifist that I argued with at school who said war in never right while Bush was in office but are somehow too busy to protest Obama, go take a flying you know what at a rolling donut.

UPDATE: Two more soldiers were killed in Iraq today, and after checking the whole front page of nbc news, I guess it wasn't important enough.

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