Wednesday, January 12, 2011

49 Of 50

So I'd just like to mention with a recent snowfall in Hawaii, we now have snow in 49 of 50 states. Florida being the lone holdout. Now that I'm thinking about it, where is Al Gore? Where is the rising sea levels? Where is the Global Warming? I though it wasn't going to snow in England anymore? Don't give me this "Climate Change" nonsense either, the weather is doing exactly what the non-eco-nuts said it would. Did all the smug morons driving Prius' save us or what?

The number one selling car in America is a truck, the Ford F-150 to be specific, matter of fact the Prius isn't even in the top 15 no hybrid is. The green weenies are being placated with a couple of electric cars, but there's no planet saving there. We are a coal/oil powered nation, feel as smug as you like plugging your car into the wall, and know oil is burning to charge it. There is a car on the market that gets an awesome 52 mpg, but it's a VW and it's diesel!

I've always know global warming was a scam, and I have always said as much. Bernie Madoff is a minnow in a puddle compared to the planetary ponzi scheme that we call "The Greenhouse Effect" or is it the hole in the "O-zone Layer" or "Global Warming" or "Climate Change"? What ever you call it, I call it a giant and very expensive pile of BULL SH....

P.S. - If you are still worried about global warming, I am starting a Carbon Credit Company, you can send me money and I will throw an acorn on the ground for every $ you send ;)

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  1. OMW! that is awesome and "my sediments exactly" =)