Monday, January 31, 2011

Kill Switch

After getting some feedback on this topics on my social networks I figured I would expand on it here.

In the first days of the "protest" in Egypt, President Mubarak decided to shut down the internet. He said it was for the good and safety of the people, but suppressing the voice of the people is not a good thing and it only caused more problems and inflamed the uprising. The next day both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama condemned Mubarak for the action and talked about the freedom of the people. The following days were more of the same, Obama saying that freedom of speech and assembly are God given rights, of course any actual American knows that the God given rights are Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness. But Obama's ignorance aside, he was saying it was a breech of freedoms to shut down the internet.

Jump to here, the United States of America, where we do have a First Amendment to protect us. The White House is and has been for several months now been trying to secure an internet kill switch for Obama. This started last year before the Congress was retaken by Republicans, it failed in congress but it now is being reborn in the still Democrat controlled Senate. Now it is being said that the US govt controlling the internet is for our safety and national security. Though that kinda sounds like the dictator in Egypt. Now I know when I call Obama a socialist or communist I get all sorts of jeers and boos, but Net Neutrality and other forms of Govt control of the internet just reeks of Socialism. This is not the first time Obama talked out of both sides of his mouth and I guarantee it won't be the last.

UPDATE; Here's an article on Killing the Kill Switch from Investors Business Daily.

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