Monday, January 24, 2011

SOTU ~ The Game!

Tomorrow President Obama will give his second State Of The Union address. With his approval rating back over fifty percent he seems to be enjoying riding the wave of turnaround since the Republicans retook the House last year. Four years of Congress run amok, two of those with Obama in charge was devastating to our economy, just the idea that by having the Congress flip back to the right would slow down the socialist train we have been  on was enough to hear the collective sigh of relief that swept across the country. The SOTU will be Obama's 2012 campaign kick off speech more then anything else. He will tell us all the great things he has been doing over the last year and his great plans for the next. You're likely to hear a lot on jobs saved and created, even though unemployment is still through the roof. You'll hear about how great the economy is doing, even though food prices are skyrocketing and the housing market is completely flat. 

For anyone with any common sense the SOTU will be like getting punched in the gut. Though I say while the TOTUS spouts his socialist rhetoric you might pass the time by playing along with my SOTU Drinking game! Anytime our dear leader says ~Unity~ ~Le Me Be Clear~ or ~Deficit~ take a drink. Playing along will turn this bitter pill into a night of laughter and fun!

UPDATE- If you really want to get hammered (though it could be dangerous, so I am not suggesting it) add the word ~Invest~ to the game, from what I hear that could kill ya!

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