Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How Much Is Enough?

Two years ago Obama and Congress passed a trillion dollar stimulus bill. The President told us it would fix the jobs market and go towards our infrastructure, education and even those high speed trains he seems to love so much. Now if that sounds familiar it's because he said essentially the same thing last night.The buzzword of the night was "Invest", anyplace you would normally use the word spend it was replaced with invest. Invest sounds smarter and is easier to force down our throats, and force they will. Just like the stimulus two years ago. The catch is we already spent that trillion dollars, so where did the money go if our infrastructure is still at a grade of "D' and there are no jobs, education is in the tank and I haven't seen any trains whizzing by at 200mph?

The answer is worse than the question, a good chunk of the stimulus money is sitting unspent waiting for designated times it is to be released. The rest is just gone, poof, five hundred billion dollars just got sucked into the bottomless pit that is our government. Two years later nothing has been done, but the money is either gone or allocated to go. How much is enough? Does the President need another trillion, two, three? In 2000 when G.W. Bush took office our National Debt was $5.7 trillion, eight years later it was up to $9.3 trillion. Since then we have upped the debt to $14.07 trillion. Do the math people, Obama has added as much debt in 2 years as Bush did in 8, and Obama is nowhere close to done, we are looking at 3 more trillion before Obama's first term is finished. If we stay at this rate by 2015 we are looking at a $22 trillion dollar debt! How much is enough?

Now I don't have much for answers for you. I am no economist or politician, I do know that last night Obama talked about expanding the government. Ronald Reagan said "Government is not the answer to our problem, government is our problem", from that we know that letting the government expand is the last thing we want to happen. Right Network has a video called "Flunked" that shows dumping more money into our schools does not help the problems with education, so we can take that off Obama's list. No one is interested in high speed rails, not to mention the cost to lay new tracks across the country would be staggering, so that is off the list. Wind and solar energy combined make up less than one percent of our power grid, wood makes up 2% just so you know, and while I want to get away from foreign oil we have plenty here and don't need to ration, check 3 off the list. Obama spoke about the government getting into bio-medicines, thanks to govt regulations it takes a dozen years and 300 billion dollars to get a new drug on the market, having that run DMV or post office style, well yeah... 

I think is it time we all stood up in one voice and said NO MORE!

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