Friday, March 18, 2011

Just Saying

  • There was a time when Hollywood wasn't full of degenerate scum.
  • The mainstream media picks and chooses it's stories like Obama picks and chooses laws to enforce.
  • As much as I love it, the internet is a big cause of our problems, though TV is still bigger.
  • We're getting on 10 years and the surrender freedom tower is still not done.
  • Yes I collect knives, many people have done this throughout history, it's not that weird.
  • No matter how you slice it, Anti-Zionist & Anti-Jewish are the same thing. MLK would back me up on that.
  • Chivalry is not dead even though feminist have tried their best to kill it.
  • Twitter is here to stay, deal with it.
  • I do say socialist like it's a bad thing, and I mean it.
  • American Idol is insulting America and idols.
  • New Orleans was run by liberals for 60 years, shouldn't it have been the picture of utopian peace?
  • If you are a dude and your pant size is smaller than your girlfriend's, there is something wrong.
  • Shrtin wrds 4 any rsn is lame.
  • A 7-11 Double Gulp filled with soda is almost half of the calories you should be consuming in a day.
  • Roughly 35% of Americans can not read an analog clock.
  • Obama has cost each American about $15,000 since he came into office, doesn't sound so bad till you multiply it by 311 million.

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