Wednesday, March 2, 2011

History Repeats Itself

In recent weeks the MSM was trying to fool the American people into believing that Barack Obama was somehow like the Great Orator Ronald Reagan, heck Obama even referred to himself as "The Gipper". Now I touched on this in previous posts and I hope you have stopped laughing because I wanted to point out that if Obama really wants to be compared to presidents past we need look no further than Jimmy Carter. Many of the current administrations actions match up with Carter's and like the Simpsons once pointed out "Jimmy carter! He was America's greatest monster!".

The Obama administration is repeating history and making the same mistakes of Carter’s failed energy policies, which marred his term and stigmatized the late 1970s. We are being led straight into another national energy disaster, most likely very few of you remember the waiting in long lines at the gas stations just to find out they were out of fuel.

Also Obama seems to see the crises in the middle east as a reason to shift away from gas and oil entirely and move towards alternative forms of energy. It's almost like there isn't oil anywhere else. Obama's fear of drilling for oil on our own soil compromises our national security and destroys any idea of economic recovery. There's an 800lb gorilla in the room, we are choosing to be reliant on the middle east! We are choosing to send billions of dollars to Arab nations who ultimately want to see us wiped out. We are buying friends at a cost too great and our "friends" still hate us.

The next issue that is happening almost event for event is the likeness between Iran and Egypt. In the 70s Iran was considered an ally, the Shah was a dictator who brutalized his people, but he helped us out and he kept the rabble down so we backed him for decades. Sound familiar? You could stick Mubarak in there and it would fit perfectly. Then the people revolted, they were tired of being brutalized and wanted their freedom, again familiar. But after the Shah was ousted the radical islamic element stepped in with a death grip that they still hold. The people are being brutalized worse than ever and the "freedom" they revolted for seems like a distant dream. Now Mubarak is gone and the interim leaders of Egypt are saying there will be an election. But the most organized of the new political parties is the radical islamist muslim brotherhood

A plaque at the Birkenau Death Camp (Auschwitz)

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