Friday, March 25, 2011

Surprised? I'm Not

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Every blue moon or so I stop past the NY Times website to see what MSM is talking about. When I stopped by today I found this nice little gem. Now in case you didn't or can't follow the link it's an article about the leading contender to take over power in Egypt. Just an "Islamist Group" we like to call the Muslim Brotherhood. Now I can't say I told ya so, cause many people said it, but so did I so, I told ya so.

Quick recap on who the muslim brotherhood is, other then parent to hamas and al queda. They are long standing America and Israel haters. Need some proof? Jimmy Carter endorses them. Now of course anyone who gets a thumbs up from Jimmy Carter has to be an anti-Semite. But there's also this from JPost where Muhammad Ghannem a leading member of the MB said he want to dissolve the peace with Israel and destroy them. Now call me crazy but these guys running Egypt sound worse than Mubarak. 

Then there is the history repeating itself part. What's happening in Egypt is almost exactly what played out in Iran in the late 70's. Now I already covered this in a previous post and am linking that post so I don't have to repeat myself. 

The best part is the MB claims they didn't want Egypt to topple, and they are not a revolutionary group. Cause no radical islamic group wants to take over a country with the power and position of Egypt! And since the unrest is still spreading across the Middle East and the attacks on Israel increasing, you don't have to be a psychic to see the future is gonna be mess. 

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