Tuesday, March 29, 2011

3 Reasons - Lybia

With all the "uprisings" going on across the Middle East why are we intervening in Libya? Why not Bahrain or Syria? I can't answer those questions and this post will not be backing the President's action. To the contrary I don't think we should be involved at all anywhere in the recent uprisings short of protecting our ally Israel. I know Obama is no friend to Israel and neither are most Democrats, but the US and Israel are connected and that's the way it should be and that's the way it should stay.

One thing we have to look at in Libya and other places, like Egypt (who already fell) is who these "Rebels" or "Freedom Fighters" or "Youth" that are revolting actually are? Now while these countries seem like Muslim strongholds their leadership was actually quite secular. Yes I know Gadaffy was liked to the Pan Am bomber but the closer we look the more it seems like the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Queda are part of the rebellion in Libya. I've gone into detail on the MB before and despite what the State Department tells you they are not secular, hell their name is Muslim Brotherhood. With all the bitching about how we armed the Taliban and Saddam Hussein why should we take a chance on arming people who will most likely turn our weapons against us next week!

Another thing that really raises a red flag in Libya is the President's complete lack of clarity at why we are there and what our endgame is? Again, lots of bitching took place when Bush went into Iraq and Afghanistan with no exit strategy, so is Obama making the same mistake? Are the Democrats ignoring it because it's Obama?  If we set up a "No Fly Zone" to protect innocent Libyans that Gadaffy was killing with air power then why haven't we wiped out his air force and left already? We usually don't get involved in civil wars, we're not getting involved anywhere else. The MSM made a big deal the other day of "rebels" capturing "oil cities", please tell me this is not a war kinetic military action for oil?

Last thing is Gadaffy himself. When this "kinetic military action" started we heard different stories from the White House and the State Dept. and the Military. First it was Gadaffy can stay as long as he stops the slaughter, then he had to leave, then he might stay and now I don't know what's going on. I do know that Pan-Am bomber Abdelbaset al-Megrahi has implied that Gadaffy ordered the bombing personally and for that I say he needs a dirt nap. But, if Gadaffy sleeps with the fishes and his country falls to the MB like Egypt looks to be, that is a problem that can't be ignored. As much as I want al-Megrahi and Gadaffy to hang for what they did the safety of our ally Israel will be in jeopardy when Egypt goes MB and will be worse if Libya follows.

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